Sunday, September 22, 2019

Shooting the Smith & Wesson No. 1 1/2 Revoler

Yesterday I put together some black powder .32 S&W handloads using the following components:

  • Remington brass,
  • CCI No.500 small pistol primers,
  • Lead bullets cast in an original 19th Century Ideal mold/loading tool (shown in the video),
  • The bullets were lubricated with a 50/50 mix of beeswax and mutton tallow.
  • 0.3cc (approximately 4.8 to 5 grains) of Olde Eynsford FFFg black powder.
Goex developed Olde Eynsford to compete with Swiss black powder. OE burns more cleanly than regular Goex and is more energetic. Swiss is still a higher grade powder, but OE is a definite improvement over regular Goex.

Anyway, I got to shoot the old Smith & Wesson today. It was flawless for 49 rounds (somehow I managed to lose one of my once-fired cases before reloading them). Afterwards, we put 50 rounds of Remington .32 S&W loads through my Ruger Single Six Vaquero and saved the brass so I can reload it for use in the Smith.

Recoil in the old gun was very mild even though it's so small it's a little difficult to get a good grip. The sights are an afterthought, so it required extra effort to shoot well. (That's why we shot at only five yards.)

Here's a short video:

While this is not going to be a high round count gun, I will shoot it again. It was a lot of fun and I wish a modern replica was available.

We also put a few magazines through my Beretta Model 81, for a .32-a-palooza day.

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Paul said...

Thanks for sharing that. Color me green. ;-) :-D It's great to see the little old popper popping again after who knows how many decades of probable silence. Shades of Mark Twain's "I was armed to the teeth with a pitiful little Smith & Wesson's seven-shooter, which carried a ball like a homopathic pill, and it took the whole seven to make a dose for an adult. But I thought it was grand. It appeared to me to be a dangerous weapon. It had only one fault - you could not hit anything with it." - with the exception of his would have been the 22 short number 1 model and you can obviously hit with yours. :-) I'd not heard of the OE powder. Now I'm curious, although my stock of Swiss powder should last me a while yet.