Saturday, October 19, 2019

Wadcutters for Self Defense

This is a really good, comprehensive, and well-reasoned article on bullet selection in .38 Special, with a focus on wadcutters.

Highly recommended.


Paul said...

Years ago I carried wadcutters most of the time in my 6" Rossi target revolver. Very accurate. They were the Lyman version, often cast of fairly hard lead as that was what was available. Usually loaded over a 22 LR or short (don't recall off the top of my head) case full of "Especial de Caça" powder. Very light recoil, very accurate. However, they were NOT in the class of what the article is talking about. Used once to put down a semi-feral canine, wished I'd had more punch to them. Loaded to a more normal level of power, the wadcutter really comes alive for defense, hunting, etc. Not explosive like some hollowpoints, but enough WHACK to put small game down and not destroy a lot of the meat.

Mike Kallam said...

I switched from a j frame to a S&W 396 Night Guard in .44 special. It has excellent sights and fits good in my hand. I'm running a 200 grain full wadcutter, which I think will be a more reliable performer when dealing with heavy winter clothing. I think of the 44 wc as a "pre-expanded" 38! I considered going with a lower recoiling 150 gr wc but after some consideration stuck with the 200, in case I found myself in the woods with it.