Saturday, September 11, 2004

Client visit

This morning I did my quarterly visit to one of my clients. While there, I installed the latest Critical Hotfix for their Windows 2003 file server, plus updated versions of imlib and the Linux kernel on their SuSE 9.0 mail server. I wanted to install an updated version of CommuniGate Pro, but ran into dependency problems. So, it looks like I'll be upgrading the box to SuSE 9.1 in the next month or so.

After finishing at their office, I went and did a site survey at the new building they are moving into within the next month. The new office space will be less spread out than their current layout, which will faciliate running new Ethernet and telephone cables. We'll have to punch through one cinder block wall and then run some LAN and phone cabling along the baseboards in part of the new site, however. That part of the building is being converted into workspace from warehouse space, and has a commensurately high ceiling. It'l be a lot easier (not to mention safer for us) to run it near the floor than twenty or so feet up in the rafters.

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