Sunday, September 19, 2004

Valley Forge Gun Show

Let me first get this out of my system: ARRRRGGGHHH!!!! Yup, it's National Talk Like a Pirate Day today. :-)

Ok. Yesterday I braved torrential rain leftover from Hurricane Ivan and a huge crowd and hit the gun show in Valley Forge. This was the first show in the area since the sunset of the AWB, so I expected it to be mobbed. It was, despite the foul weather.

I noticed several vendors selling Tapco's AK folding stocks for $50 - $55 each. Regular price from Tapco is $49.99. I also saw some no-ban configured AR-15s from Olympic Arms and Bushmaster in the $750 - $850 range.

No new guns came home with me (the Colt I picked up Tuesday tapped me out for the time being), but I did pick up a few things:
  • One vendor had a very good price on a Butler Creek folding stock for my Mini-14. Aside from folding, it's quite comfortable and the pistol grip includes a storage compartment. I'll be able to stow a small cleaning kit in there.
  • A USGI M-16 silent sling for my AR-15.
  • A SureFire G2 Nitrolon flashlight in OD, again from a vendor with a good price. It's a little bigger than a 2-AA cell penlight but quite a bit brighter than my 4-D cell Maglite. It uses lithium cells, which have about a 10 year shelf life.
  • A .50 caliber ammo can in excellent shape.
  • A couple of NRA stickers.

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