Thursday, September 09, 2004

Wireless testing

This afternoon I used the Netgear wireless 802.11g card (in .11b mode) and the NetNearU wireless router for my Internet access. The WAN port was connected to an unrestricted network, separate from our regular corporate LAN. Results were mixed.

Overall, connection speed was fine. I had several times where Thunderbird lost its connection to my mail server, though. I haven't pinned it down to the router, NIC, or XP yet.

I did not stress the connection much at all, rather, I just used it for web surfing and email. So, any of the components should have been able to handle the load without problems. I have the router configured to hand out only 4 IPs, so it's not like I had a bunch of freeloaders on the connection. Nor should signal be a problem, since my laptop and the router are only a couple of feet apart.

More testing to follow.

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