Monday, December 20, 2004

Static IP Problems

Yesterday at about 1430 my Internet connection dumped. The modem appeared to be online -- the cable light was solid green -- but I couldn't get out. I rebooted my SMC gateway (which has the modem built-in) but this made no change.

My next step was to do a factory reset on the gateway, which changed the config from my static IP to looking for a public IP via DHCP. Once it rebooted and the changes took effect, I was able to pull a DHCP IP and get back online.

Another tester in my department experienced major packet loss on his SMC on Friday night/Sat. morning, but only when using his static IP config. When set to pull an IP via DHCP it worked fine.

Apparently, some kinks in our network still need to be hammered out.

Tonight I'll try reconfiguring my unit with the static IP config to see if I can get back online. Hopefully, whatever was causing the problem will have been resolved by then.


Anonymous said...

Q. Do you choose the IP yourself or does the provider sets it?


Dave Markowitz said...

The provider sets it. I'd be very surprised if ANY ISP allows a customer pick an IP.

Anonymous said...

With some ISPs you can actually enter any desired ip address in your router or modem settings page.

Chriz said...

hey. i'm having a problem with static ip on my desktop. i've been using it for years and it worked fine until yesterday night. i got dced. and i could not use static anymore. whenever i configured a static ip. it tells me that another computer with the same ip address is in the network. i have to set it to automatic. i've tried setting to auto-detect and then setting the static as the one assigned by my router. but the same thing happens. does it mean that somebody is tapping my net or its a glitch with my router?