Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fred Thompson is blogging

Check it out.

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Jim Robinson said...

Fred refuses to officially announce so he doesnt have to debate his opponents or particpate in the process he is quick to criticise.

Fred refuses to field questions from reporters or even his own supporters.

Karl Rove, who is the mastermind behind the amnesty bill is the one pulling strings and stiff arming people into showing support for Fred.

Matlin/Carville is sending Thompson to Israel and London this month to pad his resume and make it appear Fred has foreign affairs experience, when in reality, he doesn't.

Fred was for abortion before he was against it depending on who is standing in fron of him at the time.

Fred was for Mcain/Feingold before he was against it.

Fred, after working hand in hand lobbying with Harold Fickes, a Bill Clinton insider, Fred voted NO to impeach Clinton.

Fred is a globalist.

Fred is a lobbyist.

Fred is a dirty ol man with a fetish for young girls.

Fred has cancer ,is in remission, and could die before the end of one term.

This is just the begining and this is all we really know about the guy. I predict that more we know about Fred, the less people will support him. It is however, interesting to see SoCons twist themselves into a pretzel trying to sell this guy as the SoCon candidate (read: savior) when he is anything but that.