Saturday, June 09, 2007

Hakko 4x21 Scope Revisited

I've mentioned in the past that I have a Hakko 4x21 Electro Point scope on my Colt AR15-A3 Tactical Carbine. I finally took a couple of pictures worth sharing.

First, a full length glamour shot (click thumbnails for bigger image):

Next, a closeup, showing the flat top adapter I got from Cope's Distributing. The thumb-nut supplied with the adapter did not fit the Hakko's mounting bolt. However, a 1/4x20 locknut from Lowe's fits perfectly. It's probably more secure anyway.

Hakko was Colt's OEM for their 3x20 and 4x20 carry handle mount scopes of the 60s - 80s. These old scopes aren't as good as more modern optics, like Trijicon ACOGs, but they are superior to iron sights for precise shooting (if not as rugged). There is a slew of cheap clones available, but unless you buy a Colt or a Hakko you're wasting your money. CDNN currently has the non-illuminated and illuminated (as pictured above) versions in stock.

I am considering dropping the dough for an ACOG, since my Colt's primary role is as a defensive rifle, and the ACOG's optics are better, and they are more rugged. That said, this setup works well and can be thought of as a "poor man's ACOG." This rig using Federal American Eagle 55 grain FMJBT ammo and it'll put most of them into the black on an SR-1 target at 200 yards. Since the center dot in the scope's reticle fully occludes the bull at 200, that ain't half bad IMHO.


Anonymous said...

Might I sugesst some back up iron sights as well. If your scope gets cracked, you are left with a gun with no sights.

Thomas said...

I just got a MARKSMAN Elite IR made by Hakko Japan and I am looking for a users manual(with no luck).
Do you have a scanned one or one on a PDF file?

MasterSgt. Thomas Konami

Dave Markowitz said...

Thomas, I don't have a digital copy of the manual.

Thomas said...

Oh, thanks anyway.
I got the one with the "sniper reticle". review says it's a Kahles #22 reticle but I can't find any info on the reticle online.
If you'll get the chance to scan the manual,it would be great.Especially the section about the reticle. Sent an e-mail to Combat Military Optics but they don't exist anymore.Neither does Hakko.
MasterSgt. Thomas Konami