Friday, June 01, 2007

More Script Testing

I was unable to test the router reconfiguration Perl scripts on my CentOS 4.4 box at work the other day. I'd forgotten that it's outbound access is strictly limited by our firewall and it's therefore unable to download from CPAN. I could have sneakernetted the Net::Telnet::Cisco source code over to it, but frankly, it's not worth doing so. We know it runs on Fedora Core 4, Mac OS 10.4.9, and Kubunu 6.10.

I did try one version of the script on Solaris 10 x86 running on my Mac using Parallels Desktop, but discovered that installing modules from CPAN on Solaris is a bear, due to Sun using one compiler and CPAN using another. I'm sure that I could get it to work but as noted above, we already have three platforms known to work.

Yesterday I was out of the office for training, but last night I installed CentOS 5 into a Parallels virtual machine to do additional testing of our router reconfiguration Perl script. No dice. Installation of Net::Telnet::Cisco failed with some weird errors.

Today I've done some additional testing and I am currently in the process of documenting how to use the scripts. Our operations group will actually implement them, not my group.

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