Monday, April 20, 2009

Working From Home Today

Today I get to hang out at home and wait for an insurance adjuster to inspect some water damage we have on our roof.  It looks like during one of the recent rainstorms with high winds we had water blow in through our attic fan, soaking the roof decking, which is now delaminating.  We found the damage last Wednesday but today was the first day an adjuster could come out.  I'm just hoping it's covered and we can get a roofer out ASAP.

Since I was going to be home today, we also scheduled an appoint for an exterminator.  We have a contract with a pest control company to come out every six months or so to keep the bugs in check.  The tech who services our account is a great guy and if I'm home during an appointment we always wind up shooting the breeze for a bit.

One thing he mentioned today was that he's seeing a lot more husbands home during his visits.  Not surprising, considering that men have borne the brunt of the job losses in this recession.

Edit: Shit.

According to the adjuster there is an exclusion in our policy for the particular kind of damage we had.  I've called a roofer to come out so I can get an estimate to get it fixed.  Looks like it'll require a sheet of plywood and one or two bundles of shingles.  I am considering having the attic fan removed to prevent a recurrence, but that'll drive up our utility bills during the summer.

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