Thursday, April 19, 2012

Holocaust Remembrance (Yom Ha Shoah) Day in Israel

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Markowitz,
Holocaust Day is a sad remembrance of the Nazi scourge, and it must be commemorated. That is so that it remains in the eye of the living. I am hardly telling you anything here and I know that. I am merely acknowledging it and refusing to deny history.
I recently spoke to an Armenian and he related how the Turks deny their genocide of the Christian Armenians. That does not change any historical mark, it just places the Turks in some pretty low company: such as Hamas.
The Myth of the Six Million by David Hoggan and his Der erzwungene Krieg (The Forced War): is more tripe to add to the pile. To deny the Holocaust and then defend the Nazis, is dangerous. It is Hitlerian and I think that is a fitting nominative.