Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Cheap Spot Lighting for Work Areas

Ever since I added a workbench to my home office, I've enjoyed tinkering with things inside, rather than out in my shop, where it's not climate controlled. The workbench has an LED light strip mounted on the bottom of the shelf that's attached to the backboard, but it doesn't give me good direct overhead lighting.

So, I found some inexpensive, LED sewing machine lights on Amazon. The referral link sends you to Amazon for a set of two. See below, top center.

The lights have a magnetic base. I have this one stuck to the metal top shelf, but the set also comes with two adhesive-backed metal disks that you can use to mount them to non-magnetic surfaces. The lights run off standard 120VAC.

I'm planning to use the other one on my milling machine.

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