Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Shoulder Holster for the Cimarron Model P

I ordered this shoulder holster for my Cimarron Model P last week from an Etsy shop. I was originally planning to get something from El Paso Saddlery but their lead time is months and this was worth a shot for something more readily available, and for under $100. (I have no affiliation with the seller.)

The reason I wanted a shoulder holster is that due to my body type, belt holsters tend to drag my pants down. (That's a fancy way of saying I have a beer gut and no butt.)

It came in today and for the money I’m quite pleased. The ammo holder was a separate item. It’s intended to be worn on a belt but I’m planning to keep it on the shoulder strap, similar to how the WW2-style shoulder holster for my Victory Model was setup. The .44-40 rounds are very tight in the cartridge loops, so I’m going to leave the rounds in there to see if the leather stretches a little. I may put some neatsfoot oil on them.

The shoulder strap has holes punched in it for length adjustment, and it's secured with a Chicago screw. I’m going to add a second one to keep the excess from flapping and for extra security. I’ll give the whole thing a coat of Snow Seal or Montana Pitch Blend leather dressing. The fit of the gun in the holster is very snug. It carries vertically and there’s a hammer loop for additional security.

Maker's mark stamped on the back:

I might add a leather loop to secure the bottom of the holster to my belt to ensure that the rig stays in place when I draw.

This should work out well for use in the woods.

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Paul said...

That's an interesting looking rig. At first it looked weird, then I remembered - it's for a southpaw, then it made sense. :-D Keep an eye on the rounds in the loops, some leather's quite bad about generating verdigris. Finding a way to anchor it to your belt or side would be good, keep it from riding up when you draw. I used to have a shoulder rig for my 6" Rossi, it allowed for one to rock it forward on the draw to give a less vertical removal of the gun from the holster. Never tried one like what you've got there. Definitely looking forward to your thoughts on it as you give it a good workout.