Monday, October 04, 2004

Time to geek out

I'm in the mood for a geek fix. I haven't used the iMac that I was playing around with over the summer in awhile, and with it taking up desk space, my old Dell running Slackware 10 has been sitting moribund in my cabinet. So, this afternoon I put the iMac back in our storage closet and broke out the Dell.

The first thing I did was to login as root and run "swaret --upgrade -a" to automatically upgrade everything that needed it. That took only a few minutes, after which I logged out, fired up X, called up rxvt, and launched Firefox. This machine is old, wih a P2/366 and 128 megs of RAM, but the combination of Slackware and the Fluxbox window manager makes it usable. Doubling the RAM would give me a noticeable performance boost, but I'm reluctant to sink any money into it at this point.

It's nice to have a Linux box back up and running on my desk.

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