Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Trying Opera again

Every so often I give Opera another try as a browser. I'm always attracted to how smokin' fast it is, but it always seems to be incompatible with some of the sites that I access.

For example, the current stable version of Opera -- 7.54 -- is not compatible with Gmail. Gmail isn't a mission-critical app for me, but I do check it a few times each day to read the email lists I subscribe to using that address.

Now, I'm trying out Blogger and before I hit "Publish Post" I'm going to make sure I copy this post to my clipboard, because several of the buttons in Blogger's online editor are missing. I'll post this using Mozilla if blogger completely barfs on Opera.

Mozilla and Firefox may be less "standards complian" than Opera, but they are more compatible with a wider variety of Web pages.

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