Monday, November 29, 2004

Citadel BBS

I started playing around with the Citadel BBS package today. One of the mailing lists to which I subscribe is hosted on Yahoo! Groups. Periodically, we get dissatisfied with the way they handle things. In the past, I've created shell accounts on my mail server as a primitive backup to the YG listserv, but hadn't installed anything like a real mailing list manager.

Citadel may be a viable alternative, especilly since the list in question is a continuation of a Fidonet echo. Citadel offers not only an old-school BBS experience, but also provides POP, IMAP and authenticated SMTP service. The SMTP service can be integrated with Spamassassin, too. Even if we decide not to migrate the list over to Citadel running on one of my boxes, I may use it for my mail server software when I build a new box for that purpose.

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