Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving... all my American readers, and anyone else who wants to join in.

A brief list of things for which I'm thankful this year:
  • I'm thankful for my second daughter, who was born in July.
  • I'm thankful for the love and support of my family.
  • I'm thankful I live in the greatest country which has ever existed.
  • I'm thankful I was able to transfer into a better job with the same company, also back in July.
  • I'm thankful that the PTB allowed our men and women to finally take off their gloves and kick some butt in Fallujah.
  • I'm thankful that we were able to get the AWB to sunset. (My wallet isn't, though. :-0 )
  • I'm thankful that prospects for a gun industry lawsuit protection law are brighter now after the results of this November's elections.
  • I'm thankful we flushed the Johns.


Anonymous said...


Cool format.

Hey I am thankful for great freinds like Dave even though I don't get a chance to BS with him much anymore.

Get your ass out here to Indy with those two beautiful daughters and lovely wife.


Anonymous said...

Amen brother :) and thankful there are lots of places other than Slashdot where you can post thanks such as yours (I tried a similar post on their Thanksgiving Poll and got modded down to -1 and banned from posting. Go figure).