Friday, December 03, 2004

Forget Lysol, get out the Raid

After much dicking about last night with Spybot, Ad Aware, Norton Antivirus, and even Knoppix, we would up using the HP system restore option to clear up my neighbor's PC.

I'd had high hopes for Knoppix using the captive-NTFS option to give me r/w access to the hard disk, which would've allowed me to delete the corrupted Temporary Internet Files, but I couldn't get it to work. I need to experiment with it on my own hardware and see what I need to do to get it running, because it's potentially a very valuable tool.


Jon Hassell said...

What do you charge for something like that? I live in a smaller town off a big city and think there might be a market for something like this.

Dave Markowitz said...

I didn't charge my neighbor the other night. The last two winters he used his snowblower to clear my walk several times so this was a way to pay him back.

As for others I'm still trying to work that out. I'm toying with a package deal, whereby I clean up the box if possible, then install Spybot, Ad Aware, and AVG if they don't have current antispyware and antivirus apps. Maybe $85 if it's a residential house call, maybe a little less.

Anonymous said...

My last three worm/hijack infestations have required a system restore (1 HP, 2 Dells).

I wonder if its possible anymore to safely & completely remove worm/hijack infestations.