Thursday, December 02, 2004

Time to break out the Lysol

After dinner tonight I'm going over to a neighbor's house to disinfect his PC. It's been infected with Download.Trojan and who knows what else. Apparently, NAV has detected it but can't delete it. So today I updated my PC Toolkit USB flash drive with the latest versions of Spybot, Ad Aware, Trend Micro's system disinfection tool, among other things. I'll also bring over my Knoppix 3.6 CD to run f-prot, in case the box is really fouled up. This should be interesting.

Coincidentally, Slashdot is running a couple of pertinent articles today, here and here. In light of some of the comments posted to the second article, I think I need to print up some flyers and do some advertizing. I can always use a few more bucks.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck. I have seen a rash of infestations. I have not had much success removing them. AVG finds but cannot remove. Spybot Search & Destroy cleans but doesn't remove. Following assistance, trendmicros virus scan finds things in safe mode and removes them. About the time I get it removed, XP won't boot anymore. Time
to re-install.

I use:
Spybot Search & destroy
AVG (doesn't run in safe mode).
Trendmicro sysclean
Adaware personal
and a few other less used tools. has a useful article about removing this stuff, you might want to scope it out.

Again, good luck and happy hunting.