Thursday, February 22, 2007

Gerber and the NRA Respond to Zumbo

Gerber's (the knife maker, not the baby food company) first response to Zumbo was rather wishy-washy. Now, via Arfcom, we get a better reply:

For Immediate Release Contact: Jason Kintzler
Phone: 307.857.4700
Gerber Cuts Ties with Jim Zumbo

Portland, OR, February 21, 2007: Gerber Legendary Blades reacted to Jim Zumbo's recent public statements moving to sever all sponsorship ties with the long-time outdoor writer and hunter, effective immediately. "After careful evaluation and consideration, we have made the decision to discontinue our relationship with Jim Zumbo," said Brendon Weaver, Director of Brand Management at Gerber. "At Gerber, we value the hunting heritage and cherish our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms."

While we respect the opinions of sponsored professionals, customers and end users of our products, Mr. Zumbo's recent statements are not consistent with Gerber's culture and ideals as advocates of the hunting industry.

For more information please email Jason Kintzler at
And this morning I received this email from the NRA, in response to my message to them on Sunday:

Dear Mr. Markowitz:

Everyone at NRA Publications is angered and confused by the thoughts expressed by Jim Zumbo. We all know him well; he has been a periodic contributor to our magazines and a staunch supporter of the NRA for many years. But we cannot understand what led him to believe or write such things. Of course he's entitled to his opinion, but his opinion is certainly not one shared by the NRA staff. All semi-automatic firearms are just that: semi-automatic. There can be no differentiation between them simply based on external appearance. Mr. Zumbo has never been an employee of the NRA, and we have no plans to publish any articles by him in the future. Contributions by him to NRA media are hereby suspended, effective immediately.

Please know that your support and interest in our publications are deeply appreciated.

John Zent
Editorial Director
NRA Publications


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