Friday, March 27, 2009


Found this one at, of all places:

SAN DIEGO, California (CNN) -- Welcome to March Madness on the Potomac.

Many Americans are so emotionally invested in the Obama presidency that they consider it too historic to fail.

They won't tolerate any criticism of the president or his administration, finding it easier to simply attack critics. And whatever goes wrong that they can't defend or deflect, they just blame on George W. Bush.

But to many of the rest of us, it's clear that President Obama is flunking economics. He is trying to do too much at once, and so he is not doing any of it well. He vows to cut the federal deficit while proposing an avalanche of new spending that will -- says the Congressional Budget Office -- increase it by as much as $9.3 trillion over the next decade.

Full story.  Meanwhile, Karl Rove (I know) penned this piece at the Wall Street Journal:

... it doesn't seem like a time of new politics and new concerns. Many Americans are anxious -- and in some cases angry -- about a set of old issues: deficits, taxes and the national debt. Mr. Obama's radical budget, his administration's slapdash operating manner, and events such as the AIG bonuses have revived animosity over government's size and cost.

In response, tea parties are sprouting up, and opposition is growing to more bailouts, more spending, higher taxes and larger deficits, even among Congressional Democrats.


The dynamic he has set in motion could spur the emergence of strong competitors to Mr. Obama in 2012 who take a strong, principled stand against record-setting deficits, debt and taxes. It may also strengthen Republican chances in next year's midterm elections.

Full story.  I just wish that there was a better chance that if the GOP gains control over Congress, they won't spend like drunken sailors, the way they did until the 2006 elections.

Many people from across the political spectrum are getting righteously pissed off.  Obama is not helping his cause by continuing to campaign, rather than govern.  (Note, I do not want Obama's agenda getting passed.  If he succeeds in doing so it'll be the end of the US as we've known it.)

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