Monday, March 16, 2009

S&W Model 1905, 4th Change

Over at The Arms Room, Tam posted a S&W Model 1905, 4th Change as her Sunday Smith.  It's a beautiful example of a pre-War S&W wheelgun.  S&W made its most significant change to the design shortly after WWII, with the introduction of the short action.

Later, when S&W started assigning model numbers to their guns, the M1905 became the Model 10 (before the model numbers were formally assigned, the M1905 was simply known as the Military & Police. M1905 is a modern collector's designation AFAIK.)

Anyway, I own a variant of the M1905, 4th Change.  I picked it up the day before my 30th birthday when a local FFL had several guns in from a recently deceased collector.  Several were tempting but I could only afford one, this M1905, 4th Change with target sights:

S&W M1905 4th Change

Unlike modern adjustable rear sights, this one has no clicks.  The front sight is a McGivern bead, which makes it more visible in low light.  Going by the factory original grips which lack the S&W medallions, this is one of a couple thousand made during the mid-1920s.

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