Friday, May 24, 2024

Any day you get to go in the woods and

...make smoke, is a good day.

Today I took off from work and went up to my club and shot the woods walk course. It's getting overgrown so some of the targets were blocked by weeds but I still had a good time. The rifle was my "California Rifle," really a gun styled after rifles made by Slotter in Philadelphia for the California trade in the mid 19th Century. I bought it from Track of the Wolf in February 2023 and it's become my favorite rifle, even if the lock is on the wrong side.

I shot my normal match load of  55 grains of 3Fg Goex, a 0.018" patch lubed with Mr. Flintlock Lube, and a .490 ball. Today I used home cast balls. This combination allowed me to shoot 25 rounds without cleaning the bore and loading the last shot was as easy as the first.

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