Thursday, August 12, 2004

Contract management

This week's Network World contains a piece about a contract managment system for a company, Flowserver, created in-house using Lotus Notes. (I tried to find the story online but it doesn't seem to be on their website yet.)

The story was of special interest to me because at work several contracts previously handled by other people got dumped on our department earlier this year. Some kind of automated system to ensure that we stay on top of things seems like a good idea to me.


Anonymous said...

Sorry if it was too hard to find!

-- Adam Gaffin, Network World,

Anonymous said...

Geoff Timm again,

Contract management will be the "NEXT BIG THING" in killer apps. A well known North American Government uses a cobbled together system using .pdf files, .xls files and a complicated dance of servers and terminal programs loosely tied together with Outlook.

Sounds like something Bill Gates could blow a billion on and get squat.

Who suggests the world needs a young pup with a background in both contract law and computers who does't know it can't be done. ;->