Monday, August 30, 2004

WiMax Redux

Courtesey of Paul Nixon:

WiMax 802.16 is already deployed by several cities with pre-final-standard equipment that provides the highest speed and longest distance service. It is notable that Craig McCaw, the literal inventor of the first national cell phone service that later was bought out and became AT&T Wireless, is now betting the bank on 802.16. He has bought the manufacturers of the equipment, a provider company, and several other companies over the last two years secretly to gain their spectrum licenses. He is not the only one as you will see in the links at the end of this article. WiMax promises cheap and extremely fast ultra broadband speeds, without the security issues that have plagued WiFi since its inception. WiMax equipment and final standards are expected by the end of this year. But the pre-standard companies already providing unlimited 1MBPS throughput services with prices as low as $19.95 a month. WiMax is being first deployed as a MAN for fixed users in homes and businesses. Then next year they will begin providing mobile services for vehicles and travelers, which, when combined with VoIP Internet telephony, may make cell phones themselves obsolete, as well as the landline phone company services.

What is WiMax, backed by Intel, Nokia and the top other 300 or so Technology companies? Here is the Intel White Paper with pics of how it works as well as the tech stuff.
The full article is here.

IMO, the author is well informed although I'm not sure that WiMax is going to supercede all wired technologies to the extent he believes. Plenty of people are well served by DSL, cable, or T1, and for them there isn't going to be a compelling reason to switch over to wireless.

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