Tuesday, August 24, 2004


I attended a meeting today with a large equipment vendor who is looing into WiMAX, AKA IEEE 802.16. It was a general information gathering session for both sides. They gave us some insight into where they see the technology developing, while we discussed how we think it'll impact our existing broadband business.

It's interesting stuff but I have to wonder if it's more hype than substance.

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Samuel Barnes said...

I am a recruiter for the WiMax space. I believe that ZanderMax may be the only one currently and I wanted to comment on my hopes and beliefs of this technology. WiMax will not be an alternative in the wireless broadband space...It will be the standard! WiMax (802.16) networks are being deployed all over the world as we speak; primarily in India and Taiwan.
Now, here in the US, we have such a wonderful wireline infrastructure that companies have been slow to jump on board, but the time is soon coming my friend. Companies are scambling to attain top talent to deploy these new networks and in the near future we will see more and more networks along with more and more subscribers. For all those interested in learning more information on WiMax technology, check out www.WiMax.com.

Samuel Barnes
Sr. Technical Talent Advisor-WiMax